Sacred Valley

Ретриты Перу

Energies are changing, businesses and relationships are collapsing. The best thing we can do is to find support within. Having wiped clean the lenses of our perception let’s step into the new Life.

A retreat is that time we devote to ourselves. We go beyond the ordinary perception of life to find new meanings, vision and power!

My husband and I came for a retreat in the Sacred Valley in March 2020, just before the pandemic, since then our retreat continues…
We are husband and wife, Julia and Vladimir. We met 8 years ago in Tantra and since then we have been on the path of Conscious Relating, Healing and Transformation. There is no greater joy for us than to see our clients’ transformation. Before Peru each of us tried many healing modalities: 12 step program, soft dearmoring, tantra, coaching, therapy, family constellations, Human Design, storyhealing.
The retreat in Peru has changed our lives: ceremonies, meetings with powerful shamans, woking with Medicine of the jungle and Medicine of the mountains. It has healed and transformed us like nothing else. Retreat in Peru is our new lifestyle! We are passionate to share these experiences with our guests.
Spiritual Guide, shamanic mentor, story-healer, organizer of retreats in Sacred Valley Peru, writer, singer, tantrika. Julia has counseled over 1,000 women to find their purpose in life and facilitated the birth of many projects.

Julia is an author of three books and a founder of a story-healing modality. She dreams of singing her own Medicine Songs by the fire, touching people's hearts. The pandemic in the Sacred Valley of Peru has given her an opportunity to study with her beloved shaman Alonso del Rio and create a new place for life and work.
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Explorer, traveller in the inner and outer worlds. For more than 20 years, he has been studying different body-mind modalities (tantra, shiatsu, soft dearmoring, steam ceremony mastery, dynamic meditations, Human Design).

Vladimir has a successful history of addiction recovery. For more than 8 years, he and his wife have been following the path of Tantra and Conscious Relating. Since 2016 he has been working with masterplants. Since March 2020 he has been living in Pisac, Sacred Valley of Peru, where he opened the first Russian banya SPA.
Who are looking for Inspiration, Love, Energy, Joy
Who are going through breakdown, who have lost touch with Spirit
Who yearn to see themselves, their lives, values, meanings in a new way
Who feel they are not living their own life
The Sacred Valley, protected by majestic mountains, is like the womb for a new birth. The perfect place for a retreat! The altitude of 2800 m already lifts you above reality enabling you to look at your life from the perspective of an eagle or a condor in flight.
Local shamans in their rituals invoke the spirits of the Mountains (Apus), considering them sacred. The Vilka Nota (Urubamba) river flows in the middle of the Valley towards the jungles of Machu Picchu. There are many places of power and the ruins of ancient civilizations.
10-day Jungle Medicine retreat
2 - 11 March 2023
11-day retreat with Mountain Medicine for women-guides in the times of Transition
15 - 25 March 2023
7-day retreat with Pema Gitama (France)
13 - 20 May 2023
In addition to group retreats, you can come to us individually, as a couple or with friends / colleagues, and we will organize a retreat on convenient dates according to your needs. Fill in a request form and we will contact you to discuss your ideal retreat via video call.
Coca reading
1 session
2,5 hours
1 session
Purpose in life consultation
1,5 hours
1 session
Shamanic Session
30 minutes
1 session
Introductory Sessions
1,5 hours
5 sessions
Individual Mentoring: Purpose in Life
1 session
1 hour
10 sessions
Individual mentoring:
Out of Addiction
2 hours
1 session
Human Design
for 1 person
3 — 3,5 hours
1 session
Human Design
for couple
30 minutes
1 session
Introductory Sessions
One day I felt my whole being calling me to Peru. Clearly and decisively. I had this knowledge inside of me that I was going for a deep work. I did not know what lied ahead, I just trusted the Universe.

I didn't have any acquaintances in Peru. Scrolling down Instagram, I intuitively chose a woman who organizes retreats in Peru and works with shamans. Studying her Instagram page, day after day, I felt more and more trust. She was so open and sincere in writing her posts and in communication.

Julia and her husband organized a wonderful retreat for us. It was almost an individual experience – me, my husband and one more woman. They recommended us excellent shamans with whom together we travelled to other dimensions. Introduction to shamanic world, Medicine, despacho, kambo and huachuma ceremonies… Expansion of consciousness, work at the level of soul, body and spirit. It allowed me to make a quantum leap to another level of awareness. During one month than we spent in Peru we became close friends.

Vladimir’s Russian Banya SPA with a view of the Pisac Ruins was a separate bliss! Flower bath with rose petals and eucalyptus. After sweating the old self, you step with bare feet on grass under the starry sky with warm tea… to feel your rebirth. Everything that Julia and Vladimir offer, they know themselves very well. They choose only the best to share with us. With love and warmth I remember my stay at the villa and our conversations by the fireplace!
For many years I had wanted to try the Medicine. It was the best and safest decision for me to do a retreat with Julia and Vladimir. I got so much from my experience with them in Peru: I did an excursion into various types of Medicine, the opportunity to try huachuma and kambo Medicine that previously I had no idea about. Julia introduced us to everything that she loved in Peru: beautiful alpaca clothing, gourmet food, herbs and incenses of this land.

People often ask me – so what did it give you? But for me ceremonial work is not about getting. It’s something worthy of earning, accumulating energy, sorting out psychological problems. In order to go further in Evolution, unstuck at the level "mom-dad didn't give to me." It took all my life force for each ceremony, but it was worth it. When on the last night the Medicine did not work, I realized that for now my forces was used up, I gained new knowledge and experience and it is important to stop, accept, integrate into life everything that was revealed to me at the ceremonies.
You never come back from a Journey the same person. Especially if it's not just a geographical trip to another country, but a Journey to another reality, to yourself. I am very grateful to Julia and Vladimir for a balanced program. Everything felt very harmonious: spiritual work, Medicine, body work - massages, baths, steam treatment. I managed to mountain hike, see Machu Picchu and buy gifts for myself and my family.

These 2 weeks felt like another beautiful life. My world has changed, the taste of life is so bright now. Every day I felt cared for and supported. I am grateful for meeting such extraordinary people. You are real wizards!
Julia became my guide to the world of shamanism. Thanks to her, I again believe in myself, in my purpose in life. I was depressed, completely lost in motherhood. I was under a lot of pressure - social norms, family, elder relatives. To travel to Peru for healing has been a dream of mine ever since I saw Julia's posts and photos from Peru.

I felt a very strong of my heart to be there with her. Once I already packed up, but my family stopped me. After another month in a "vegetable" state, I wrote to her again. Julia said: “if you don’t choose YOURSELF this time, you might remain a vegetable all your life.” At that moment, I made the decision to go for my healing.

When I arrived, she took me under her gentle and large wing. She created an individual program for me: coca leaves reading and a despacho ritual with a famous Peruvian shaman, kambo ceremony to clean and prepare for other ceremonies with Medicine, then a purpose in life consultation... I am eternally grateful to Julia, she shed light on my personality and talents. She became my spiritual mom. If you feel confused, like you have lost the course of your soul, if you no longer know what you want from life - Julia will help you. She is bright, kind, honest, smart, educated, responsible, a real professional. I recommend her with all my heart!
It was not even a great journey, it was a PATH, the depth and length of which is immeasurable by the standards of photographs and dates in the calendar. Something irreversibly changed in me or rather … some movement began then that continues to this day.

Vivid emotions that I felt then no longer to be remembered, but something sacred remains in the memory. I remember how the vision and feeling of the world sharpened: the earth breathed, the mountains spoke to me, hummingbirds, seagulls - everything was so bright. As time passed, silence remained inside. When real whirlwinds of events are raging outside, if you "get involved in the drama", it will unwind and tear you. But when you are in the center of the cyclone, you are still and unharmed.

There are different challenges in relationships, but since our union is not bound on paper, but created in a sacred land of Peru, I often remember that day, our journey to the snowy peak of Ausangate mountain, our shaman Vilma, Julia and Vladimir… and I understand that all difficulties are temporary. That day of our wedding guards our union.
In two weeks in the Sacred Valley Peru… we have lived a lifetime. I'm so glad that in August I heard the call and said "YES, I'm ready." I immediately wrote to Yulia, we talked on the phone. Yes, I do, I won't change my mind. I bought very expensive tickets. And on the very first day I realized that we were in the right place with reliable guides.

Many thanks to Julia for the warm welcome and organization of our retreat. You are an excellent guide, your path is beautiful, you are in your place. Thank you for homemade meals. Our Walks. Sincere conversations. Joint contemplation of hummingbirds. Your voice in ceremonies led me to the light.

Slow, deep, beautiful, delicious. I love my life and the people who come to me as its most valuable gifts!