11-day retreat with Mountain Medicine for women-guides in the times of Transition led by Susanne Lewarne and Julia Kondyreva

retreat for women in peru

15 - 25
Are you ready to be the Light for others at this moment of Transition? Is your role on earth to help people? Regardless of your experience and what is your modality, this retreat will help your Transition into a new quality of Leader / Guide / Healer of new time.

We invite you to the Sacred Valley of Peru to remember who you are, through the journey with San Pedro medicine.
You will connect with yourself at a new depth and from that place we will work together to revise your offering to the world.

We will show you new ways to work with people. We will turn a new vision into marketing materials that will allow you to shine even brighter! This is the retreat for women-guides in the times of Transition!
Why spend years on something that can be done in one retreat and even one ceremony?
Suzanne has been practicing as a healer, guide, energy therapist and transpersonal psychotherapist for 36 years. In her work she uses a holistic approach. Suzanne works with the Medicine of the Mountains (Huachuma), restoring the connection to the Heart, helping the Soul to remember its purpose.

Sue helps women dive deep and regain their lost Power. Her energy is like a surgeon’s scalpel: it precisely removes that which is unnecessary.
Suzanne Lewarne
For 20+ years Yulia Kondyreva has been regaining her Integrity and Power through Tantra, ceremonies, psychological, bodywork and spiritual practices. Writer, author of her own healing modality Storyhealing = Healing through History. For more than 8 years she has been advising women on their Purpose in life, helping them to remember their Path.

Having done an individual retreat with Rose and Huachuma led by Susanne Lewarne she was so impressed with results and methodology, that a beautiful vision and co- creation was born in the form of this retreat.
Yulia Kondyreva
Trust me, to see Machu Picchu is not a priority. In Peru you have the opportunity to clear the lenses through which you look at life - with the help of Shamans and Medicine! It will change EVERYTHING.
Retreat Program
Breakfast. Personal sacred space: theory and practice. Intentional Russian Banya SPA treatment. Group ritual.
day 2
Arrival at Villa by noon. Introduction and intention. Group meditation. Dinner. Mountain Medicine workshop. Dinner.
day 1
Ceremony 1: Let go of what no longer serves you. Dinner.
day 3
Breakfast. Circle of support and integration. Lunch. Silence mode. Individual sessions. Dinner.
day 4
Ceremony 2: Holding Loving Space - gift for yourself and others. Dinner.
day 5
Breakfast. Circle of support and integration. Lunch. Silence mode. Individual sessions. Dinner.
day 6
Ceremony 3: My gift - what do I bring to the world? Dinner.
day 7
Breakfast. Circle of support and integration. Lunch. How to integrate Medicine work. Dinner.
day 8
Breakfast. Despacho ceremony with
an Andean shaman. Lunch. Making San Pedro essence for home use. Cacao ceremony and sound healing. Dinner.
day 9
Breakfast. Individual photo shoot for participants. All-day creative laboratory «Re-invent Yourself: Your Story, Uniqueness, Message» Lunch. Dinner. Home play.
day 10
Breakfast. Presentation of your project and renewed identity. Celebration lunch. Departure.
day 11
This retreat will take place at the private Villa IntiKilla (fireplace, small pool, garden and 7 bedrooms)
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Photoshoot & all activities of the program
  • Support and integration sessions
  • Detox menu with fresh local products
  • Russian Banya SPA treatment upon arrival
  • 3 ceremonies with Mountain Medicine
  • Double accommodation at the villa
  • San Pedro essence for home use
  • Despacho with a Peruvian shaman
  • Sound healing ceremony
Double accommodation
price per person
Single accommodation
Price per person